We have officially upgraded to a new site. This is the current address until a few days when we get the new domain name. We hope you all like the new site! www.wix.com/divinedesign2011/D-an-D-Events
Divine Design really wants to help make your experience great and we would love to help you in the planning of your baby shower. We are running on a special of 15% off discount on our service charge. So hurry while this special last!!

Divine Design loves birthday parties for all ages, and what better party to make special than one planned out by us. We have a limited time offer of 25% off service charge deal so hurry hurry.
I have decided to give out a once in a life time deal for any new clients.
For the first 5 Brides or Grooms, you may have my services for free of chargeFor the For the first 4 Mothers, your baby shower will be planned for free.
For the first 3 Sweet Sixteen Party Seekers, your party will be planned for free. 
This deal does not include florals, catering, enteertainment, or decor. You still have to pay other vendors.
Well we are finally looking at the site up and running, so bring on the business. Divine Design is ready to cater to your event andd wedding needs. We find no event too small or too big. We pride ourselves on the fact that we can make a 5,000 dollar budget look like a 500,000 dollar one.
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